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Is specially designed for art glass, which is inner engraving, frosted marking on the surface, embossing and drilling of glass. this machine with low noise, fast speed, high precision, low consumption, low labor cost, maintain-free and eco-friendly, is the best modle for company upgrading and designer’s idea showing. there will be no limitation for your  creativity and innovation from now on.

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Large format glass Laser inner Engraver usually also be called as The 3D laser glass Inner engraving machine, 3D Laser machine,Large size glass laser machine, 3D glass Engraver, glass laser subsurface engraving machine which is a special kind laser machine used for make 2d or 3d laser images or 2d images into glass, this kind unique and attractive crystal gifts, the engraved image will not get fade forever, so, it’s a new and great business in most countries of world.

Techkey Laser, which is a professional manufacture only focus on 3d crystal laser engraving machines for more than 18 years,we offer full range crystal laser gifts for your business,if you need this kind machine , contact us now....

Large format glass Laser inner Engraver TK3D-1325 is independently developed by ourselves, which is especially designed and used for the art craft glass. When the machine works , it doesn’t contact the glass surface, and no wastewater, no waste gas, small noise and engraving fast. The engraving pieces are lifelike and in fine pattern, and could make your ideas and creativity come true.

The glass engraving craft will bring a complete new look to building industry, and present the unique transparent 3D architectural pattern elements. And through the fashionable design vision, it would make the design, light and function to display on the glass perfectly.
Compared with the traditional glass processing equipment, the laser engraving technology won’t destroy the glass surface, and could provide environmental protection glass engraving products with carved patterns and words in strong sense of art.


Our large size glass subsurface engraving machine,Adopting the highly integrated power laser independently developed by TECH KEY Laser, the machine owns a variety of advantages such as high resolution, smart operation, good working performance and nice equipment stability. The special own-designed air cooling system can ensure the machine’s continuous working time longer than 24 hours, at the same time keeping the high stability of processing.

With larege size working area and professional super-large dots cloud computing software and glass laser engraving software, can support DXF, OBJ, BMP, JPG and other file format data in good compatibility. What’s more, it’s in high performance, high efficiency, stable, easy to operate, and the software is free to upgrade for lifetime .

1. Own made laser box, we use the USA imported Diode pump, and Isreal YAG, and Europe Q switch,designed the own special laser box, which make high power 532 laser beam, our laser pulse width which is smaller can ensure the high strong laser power; We have the own technology of the green laser box, other factory are bought whole laser box from other chinese factory, so if any questions, we can offer faster feedback for any problem.
2. Own designed with own patent Air cooling system, to make sure the laser works at the high efficiency, the temperature control for the optical spare parts is very important,we designed own air cooling system to control it, and make the laser machine can continuous works long time.
3. Use special good quality material, pay attention to any details of the machine
4. Full ranges machines, and have OEM ability of any sizes machines you have In our company, we have different sizes machines suitable for different shop places, mall require small size machine, factory need bigger, tell us your request, you can get the best suitable for your business.


This machine is widely used in 3D relief sculpture inside large-scale decoration glass, architectural partition glass decoration, high-grade hotel bathroom partition glass decoration, home life glass products and art photo and so on. The large format plate glass engraving machine engraves in exquisite effect, clear and beautiful pattern, strong hierarchical sense, which is the ideal choice for glass processing manufacturers, decoration manufacturers, art studios and other customers.



Modle No. TK3D-1208 TK3D-1325 TK3D-1530 TK3D-2030
Laser medium Diode pumped ND:YAG,532nm green laser;4000HZ
Laser wavelength 532nm
Laser power 3W
Max. engraving format 1200*800*150mm 1300*2500*150mm 1500*3000*150mm 2000*3000*150mm
Fastest engraving speed 220000 dots/min
Semiconductor module life 20000~25000H
Resolution 800~1200 dpi
Engraving dot diameter 40µm -80µm
Engraving dots distance 0.07~0.12mm
Repeatability <0.04mm/300mm
focal length 120mm
Laser cooling method air
Control system and hardware High-speed scanning galvanometer + gantry structure X, Y, Z, five-axis linkage control
Machine power/voltage 1.8KW/220V/50Hz 2KW/220V/50Hz 2.5KW/220V/50Hz 2.5KW/220V/50Hz



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